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What’s “white poison”?

de: Struktur von Lactose en: Structure of Lactose

de: Struktur von Lactose en: Structure of Lactose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever heard milk be referred to as “white poison.”? It is a term known in natural circles when referring to cows milk. You may, hold this opinion your self, regarding it as well. I think we are all well versed with the term “lactose intolerant”. Lacstose is a carbohydrate in the form of a disaccharide. To you and me that means, it has two molecules of sugar that are linked together. It’s no surprise to many people across the nation and else where find it very difficult to digest, because,  of it’s dual sugar molecule. It must be broken down before being absorbed into the small intestine. Unlike a monosaccharide  it is a single sugar molecule that can be directly absorbed into the lining of the small intestine with out having to be broken down first. Other examples of disaccharide carbohydrate’s are, white and brown refined sugars, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, pies, boxed cereals, breads, bagels, dinner rolls, muffins, and cinnamon rolls.  Examples of monosaccharides are most fruits, vegetable, natural cheese, cultured dairy, nuts, and raw honey.

There are also “people groups” such as those with Jewish decent, African-American’s and people who’ve decended from the Middle East and India find it more difficult to break down the lactose or disaccharides. YET, in those areas, (countries and continents) their diets were based around dairy. So why such allergies here and not there? I’ll get back to that question in a moment. Also, here in the U.S, hormone-ridden, pesticide residue laced commercial milk attributes to sixty percent of ear infections in kids under six years of age. And Lactose intolerance is the most common food allergy in the U.S today.

If you havn’t heard before I’m going to tell you what the conventionally raised cows are being fed.  It includes GMO soy and corn  which can also include animal products, antibiotics, and other unnatural substances such as chewing gum, candy with the wrappers still on, chicken manure, and other cow’s blood. Obviously their health is put in jeopardy and they are unhealthy. They are also given a wide array of antibiotics, hormones and vaccines. All of the things that are given to the cow remain IN the cow from the meat to the milk that comes from it.

So getting back to the question I asked earlier in this post. It is believed that a small genetic mutation occurred up to two thousand years ago, that is found in modern dairy cows populating North America, Europe, and Australia. This very mutation may play a huge role in dairy intolerance. Milk proteins come in two types, whey and casein. Casein comprises about 80% of the total protein in milk, and of that protein there are A1 and A2 beta-casein. Cows pass down either A1, A2 or both to their offspring just like we pass down eye color to our children. Years ago the majority of cattle were A2, then the genetically mutated A1 strain appeared. The original A2 milk is generally produced in Africa, Asia and France, and also in goats milk. Upwards of 90% of cattle in the US are A1 cattle, but Beyond Organic’s dairy herd is 100% A2 beta-casein cattle.

So what does this mean? It means that the dairy products from Beyond Organic are “Highly Tolerable” so say’s many people with “lactose intolerance”. What makes their products even more desirable is although their products are pasteurized, they are Truly Raw keeping the most vital probiotic cultures (more than thirty) that create a wide array of beneficial compounds, including organic acids and enzymes. How do they pasteurize and not kill all of the beneficial probiotics? So glad you asked. In addition to their Olde World production methods, it is never heated above the cows body temperature of about 101 degrees Fahrenheit. You can find other products labeled “raw”, except,those cheese makers are legally allowed to heat the milk to just a single degree under pasteurization temperature, a process that kills the important probiotics and enzymes. So if you’re wanting to find the best organic products under the sun. Click here OR here.

Credits for sources used in this post include:

Live Beyond Organic Book By: Jordan Rubin>


Recent Case of Mad Cow Disease in California!


Cattle into Cannibals. The Real Issue with the Recent Case of Mad Cow Disease

By now, you are probably aware that a case of Mad Cow Disease was confirmed yesterday. The cow in question was discovered in California, and already it has set off a chain reaction of government pundits and food experts rushing in to say there isn’t a problem.

Well, yes and no. There have only been four cases of Mad Cow Disease ever found in the United States. However, what gets glossed over is how a common practice in conventional cattle management can contribute to the spread of this nasty disease. It’s one of the ugly truths that Big Dairy doesn’t want you to know about. If you’re squeamish, you may not want to read what I’m about to tell you.

It is common practice in the dairy industry to turn cattle into cannibals. That’s right, to turn a natural plant-eating animal into a cannibal. “Waste” product from slaughtered cows is routinely turned into “feed” that goes back to the livestock herd. In what I find to be the most appalling example, the blood from these slaughtered animals is sometimes dried and added back to the “replacer” milk for calves. You heard that right, young calves often drink blood.  And, it’s perfectly legal to allow this to happen, and it’s been going on for decades!

The following is taken directly from the FDA’s website. For those that don’t know “BSE” stands for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopath and is the scientific name for Mad Cow Disease. Here is the direct quote from the FDA website:

How was BSE spread?It is thought that BSE was spread via meat-and-bone meal fed to cattle. The practice of using this material as a source of protein in cattle feed has been common for several decades. In the late 1970s there was a change in the production (rendering) process used to make this meat and bone meal. One hypothesis has been that this change permitted the infectious agent of scrapie (a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, or TSE, of sheep) to survive the rendering process, and get transmitted to other animals, such as cows, that are fed meat-and-bone meal nutritional supplements. An inquiry by the British government has however, concluded that scrapie infected MBM was not the source of BSE nor was the change in the rendering practices responsible for survival of the BSE agent. Rather, this inquiry has stated that BSE may have originated spontaneously as a result of a genetic mutation and was amplified by the feeding of contaminated MBM to cattle

Please, please, please STOP supporting the producers who adhere to the practice of turning cattle into cannibals. Yes, the practice is unsafe, but more than that it’s inhumane



Not False Hope

The purpose of my blog is not to give a “false hope” of healing. It is also not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice and treatment from your personal physician. Statements with in this blog are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

I do however, strongly believe, that with proper nutrition, pure whole organic foods and probiotics you will provide your body with the right nutrients to give your self a fighting chance at healing and getting well. I think of clean and responsible eating like this…imagine a tall industrial building in the midst of construction, the foundation was laid, the inner workings have been installed, including framework, electrical, plumbing etc. Then the builders realize that all of the building materials are weak and have been compromised. So they begin to reinforce all of the existing components and what they end up with is something better, stronger and healthier than what they started with. The right foods can help rebuild and reinforce your current health state. God created our bodies to heal and repair it self. But if it doesn’t have healthy cells to help repair it, then it’s just drawing from the currently sick and weak cells. So give your body a boost, at least this way it will have a fighting chance to triumph over disease. What ever you happen to be dealing with.  So, may the God of the universe who created you bless your efforts on your road to good health, wellness and recovery!

Don’t believe me about the “types’ of food you eat? Then just ask your self this simple question…Is what you’re doing now working for you?

Labeling for products that meet the USDA-NOP s...

Labeling for products that meet the USDA-NOP standards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Do you have an Undisciplined Appetite?

Let’s start with the word Gluttony-Such a STRONG biblical word, so does it still have meaning for us today? Let’s take a look…”Gluttony usually indicates excessive eating and drinking, and it does refer to a ravenous, nearly unstoppable, appetite. It is to food what greed is to material wealth.  Specifically in scripture gluttony is associated with eathing foods forbidden to the Israelites, the meat and delicacies that are called “deceptive food” (Prov. 23:1-3,20,21) It was also associated with a  loose and undisciplined lifestyl.”  That is not to say we are not “allowed” to eat meats, fish, poultry etc. On the contrary, today everything that lives and moves is given to us as food. (Genesis 9:3)

Modern day has celebrated gluttony, we see it all over television with shows such as “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Man vs. Food, etc. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to bash those shows;  there is entertainment value in them for sure, and I enjoy watching them too but living that type of lifestyle has it’s consequences.

Daniel, from the bible, recognized that food and drink affected nutrition and health. Read about it here Daniel 1:8, 12-16

“Many modern foods have been robbed of their vital nutrients and contain ingredients that may fill our bodies with elements that take the place of nutritious food.” (Is an understatement) The “gluttonous use of foods high in sugar and fat,fillers, enriched flours and empty calories, GMO’S, the use of pesticides, herbacides, fungicides etc. takes away from the nutritional balance  of milk, fruit, vegetables, meat, and bread, which contain fiber and other nutrients for good digestions and health. We should not live to “satisfy our selfish and harmful appetites but rather use our bodes to bring glory to God.) 1 Corinthians 6:19.20

sources used for this post include the  NKJV  women’s study bible second edition


Taking Supplements

How important are probiotics? Can you absorb vitamins or minerals without them? Gut health is the route of all wellness and it is important to continually replenish your “friendly flora”.

I love this quote from Dr. Ben Lerner Author of Body By God…”Everybody is so into taking supplements and taking vitamins, but if your flora is off your body doesn’t even absorb them.”

“Probiotics, may just be, the secret to good health and long life. If you’ve ever consumed, bathed showered or swam in chlorinated water you NEED a probiotic boost. Chlorine, kills germs GOOD and BAD!” -Joradan Rubin

Guess where some of  the antibiotics that are in our animals and us end up?… In our water supply!

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Lactose / Dairy Intolerant? GREAT NEWS!!!!!

You can eat dairy again! :-) Because these cows have the right genetics! They are A2 Cows. Find out why A2 cows make all  the difference between lactose/dairy intolerance and allergies here,  and why you CAN eat dairy as long as it’s from the A2 grade cows! Which is all Jordan owns! Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!


This Raw cheese is processed at very low temperatures so that it is technically raw, and the cows are green fed (no grain), humanely treated, and milked humanely. No pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, fungicides, vaccinations or hormones are used on the land or the cattle!

This cheese is 7 percent protein, and high in Omega 3, Omega 6, vitamins and minerals. In addition, extra probiotics are added to the cheese. It will be available in Cheddar, Havarti, or Blue Cheddar.

Jordan is using old world methods to keep his dairy products under 101 degrees so, technically raw, and killing bad bacteria with a very low heat process that is longer, to allow the bad bacteria to die off, without killing the vitamins and proteins that are in the milk.

Jordan Rubin’s Beyond Organic Raw Cheese is processed on the same land where the cows are milked and done in small batches to bring you the best product. Most “Raw Cheese”, from other manufacturers, is heated to just 1 degree under traditional pasteurization temperatures so that it can be called “raw” without actually being much different from every other cheese product in the market. Beyond Organic uses very low temperature pasteurization so that the vitamins and nutrients in the milk are not destroyed.

Beyond Organic Raw Cheese is made from real whole milk that runs about 4.5% fat and is rich in Omega 3s.

In addition to all of that, Jordan infuses each batch of cheese with probiotics!

Beyond Organic Raw Cheese is available in Cheddar, Blue Cheddar and Havarti flavors

  • Green Fed
  • No Antibiotics, vaccinations, pesticides or fungicides.
  • Farmstead and Artisanal Productin methods
  • Probiotic Infused
  • Never Heated above 101 degrees
  • Made with A1 Casein free milk.

Beyond Organic Raw Cheese is an artisanal, hand-crafted, never heated above 101 degrees, cheese infused with probiotics. Beyond Organic cheese is created by their own award winning cheese maker. Made fresh on a family owned farm from raw milk produced by GreenFed cows, and infused with a powerful clinically studied probiotic, Really Raw Cheese is amongst the purest and healthiest cheese in the world! Beyond Organic Raw Cheese provides high quality protein, calcium and vitamins and is easy to digest.

You’ve never had a cheese until you’ve consumed Really Raw Cheese. 100 % Green-Fed, organically produced, high quality cheese, coming from dairy that has a unique genetic composition providing for great health. Probiotic infused to support digestive and immune system health. Really Raw Cheese is never heated above cow body temperature. That’s 101.5 degrees for those not familiar with bovine health. Really Raw Cheese comes in multiple varieties is farmstead and artisanal which means we make it in small batches, hand-crafted, old-world produced, using the highest quality, full mineral sea salt, infused with probiotics, great for you and your family.

A GreenFed diet is ideal to create health for ruminant animals such as cows, goats and sheep. Beyond Organic cows are raised on pastures that are pesticide, herbicide and chemical fertilizer free. They consume grass and other forage such as forbs, legumes, and herbs. When consuming GreenFed beef and dairy you can be sure you are getting the proper balance of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. Beyond Organic’s GreenFed meat and dairy products are loaded with probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and CLA.


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“Humans Live to Eat” …but We Need to Eat to Live!

Humans Live To Eat (clip from movie Over the Hedge) This is one of my favorite parts of the movie of Over the Hedge because unfortunately it’s the sad truth for most Americans! Click on the link above to see what I’m talking about. (We are making ourselves sick and we can prevent it)

More from Rubin’s website:

Eating to Live

Did you know that the major causes of unhealth that result in 85 percent of all deaths are health issues that can be addressed through diet and lifestyle changes?

The good news is that you can learn how to make healthy changes in your life, starting with learning how to eat to live.

Proper diet is imperative for extraordinary health, but since the mid-20th century, the standard American diet has lost its nutritional power due to factors such as:

  • Commercial farming methods resulting in mineral-deficient soil; an over-reliance on pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and other drugs used in raising livestock.
  • The popularity of fast-food, processed foods and junk foods with chemical additives, unhealthy fats and trans-fatty oils, white flour and refined starches—all with low to no nutritional value.
  • Environmental pollutants which poison our air, land, water and food.

The first thing to remember in eating to live is to eat what has been created for food and eliminate or at least minimize processed, commercially grown food. The second thing is to eat foods in a form that is healthy for the body. Emphasize a whole-foods diet rich in the highest quality proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. These are found in foods and beverages like organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, pure water, cultured beverages and organic, free-range meat and poultry products.

Macronutrients and Micronutrients
Macronutrients are nutrients required in the highest amounts; micronutrients are essential dietary elements required in only small quantities. Our bodies require the three macronutrients protein, carbohydrates and fats. Proteins supply energy and provide the structural components necessary for growth and repair of tissue.  Carbohydrates and fats function to supply energy. Vitamins and minerals are needed in small quantities (micronutrients), but are essential for normal growth, muscle response, health of the nervous system, digestion, production of hormones and metabolism of nutrients.

Eat What Has Been Created for Food
Eating what has been created for food includes consuming a diet rich in healthy proteins, carbohydrates and fats found in lean wild meats, poultry and fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, properly prepared grains and healthy sweeteners and beverages. Consuming whole foods (unprocessed foods) is key.  Organic foods are recommended. They’re foods without commercial pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics and preservatives.

Include healthy proteins, which are the building blocks of organs, muscles, nerves, enzymes and hormones. Only animal proteins, like meat, eggs and dairy,  contain all of the essential amino acids and  are complete protein sources. Recommended animal proteins are properly raised beef, lamb, buffalo, venison and other clean red meats; fish with fins and scales from oceans and rivers; chicken, turkey and other poultry raised in a free-range setting.

Carbohydrates provide energy needed to drive bodily chemical processes. The simple sugars eaten by our ancestors were highly nutritious fruits and vegetables, raw honey and sprouted/germinated grains. (Sprouting and germination allows grains to come alive, making nutrition within the seed available.)

Healthy fats are necessary.  Here’s why:

  • Fats are building blocks for cell membranes, hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters (messages from your brain to your body that make you think, feel and move).
  • Fats slow down food absorption so you can go longer without feeling hungry.
  • Fats are needed to absorb and use vitamins A, D, E & K.
  • Fats help to keep us warm and cushion organs.
  • The brain is 60 percent fat and needs fat for connecting brain cells and making sure signals get through.

It is important to get healthy fats, so include foods such as properly raised beef, ocean-caught fish and free range, organic high-omega-3 eggs. Choose grass-fed, free range or organic meats because when animals graze on their natural diet of greens, their diet is automatically rich in these essential fats.

Remember, eating food that is healthy, useable and health-promoting for the body—natural, organic, unprocessed and properly prepared—provides food that is high in nutrients, easily digestible and free of chemicals and additives.

The Perils of Modern Processing, Additives, Preservatives, etc.
Since the early 1900s whole grains have been routinely processed, removing most of their nutritional content, and the average diet has been comprised of processed foods rather than fresh foods. The past two generations have literally grown up on highly-processed fast foods, leading to diets of:

  • Increased sugar, refined grains and flour
  • Pasteurized, homogenized, skimmed dairy products from antibiotic and hormone-laden cows
  • Unhealthy fats (such as trans-fatty-acid laden hydrogenated oils)
  • Soda (one of America’s most popular beverages)
  • Junk foods with little or no complex carbohydrates, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals, and never meant for human consumption.

Whole Foods and Organic Foods
Remember, consuming whole foods (unprocessed) is key to eating the healthiest way, and organic foods—foods lacking commercial pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, hormones and preservatives—are recommended. Whole foods contain all the essential nutrients and other important natural compounds, and have not been highly processed or loaded with man-made chemicals.

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So Now What?

Okay, so now that you have all this information and you’re understanding the importance of it all,what do you do with it? You may be asking how do I know when I go to the specialty grocery store that I’m actually buying the grass fed and finished meat, cheese and drinks? How do I really know that I’m getting what I think I’m paying for?…My husband and I always wished that we could buy a huge piece of land and raise our own cattle, beef and products, but we have never been in the position to be able to undertake such a thing. On the other hand the other thing we always wished for was that someone would just raise and make products the way we know they should. You know make it EASY! Well someone finally has! YAY!!!!!!!! And who better than Jordan Rubin himself? Yes that’s right he created with God’s help and blessing a new company called Beyond Organic. So this is the place people, where you can be truly confident and know that you are getting what you are paying for. 

From his website…


I am thrilled to announce that the official launch of Beyond Organic is now underway. The last few months have been wild—and productive. Every member of the Beyond Organic team has been working tirelessly getting our products and tools ready for launch. I want to personally thank everyone who has been involved in the process of production, design, and packaging.

As you know, Beyond Organic is a mission-driven company. We want to inspire people to achieve amazing health. We want to educate people so that they can share this powerful message. We want to give back to those who need it most. Our products may be the best of the best, but it is our mission that will truly set us apart.

If you want a healthy source of foods and beverages, I have faith that you will help Beyond Organic achieve its mission. Below you will find several links that I hope will encourage you to embrace our mission. The first is a short, two-minute video clip from our new TV show. After God led me to search the scriptures to understand his plan for stewardship of resources and wealth from His perspective, I began praying this prayer regularly. I encourage you to pray a prayer like this as well and to share this video with everyone you know and love.

The second link will let you download a small section of my new book, Live Beyond Organic. Finally, I have included an article from our brand new magazine, Beyond Organic Living, which outlines not just how we are going to give back, but why I was personally called to do so.

I have waited years to launch this company, but I’ve spent a lifetime building this mission.

To Living Beyond Organic,

My Prayer For You

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Milk Casein

A1 beta Casein 

Beyond Organic has USA’s largest A2 beta-casein cattle herd. Why is this so important?

It is believed by many in the scientific community that the majority of our milk might be contributing to some of the diseases so prevalent today, specifically cardiovascular disease.

Milk proteins come in two types, whey and casein. Casein comprises about 80% of the total protein in milk, and of that protein there are A1 and A2 beta-casein. Cows pass down either A1, A2 or both to their offspring just like we pass down eye color to our children. A thousand years ago the majority of cattle were A2, then the genetically mutated A1 strain appeared. The original A2 milk is generally produced in Africa, Asia and France, and also in goats milk. Upwards of 90% of cattle in the US are A1 cattle, but Beyond Organic’s dairy herd is 100% A2 beta-casein cattle. Beyond Organic’s Amasai, Raw cheeses and all other products made with diary will come from A2 cattle. Why is that important?

Emerging evidence is showing an association between a particular protein ( A1 beta-casein ) found in cows milk and an increased risk of developing heart disease and insulin-dependant diabetes. It may also aggravate neurological conditions such as autism and schizophrenia.

According to research, A1 milk is more likely to be a factor in heart disease and Type 1 diabetes. Spearheading the research was New Zealand scientist Dr. Corran (Corrie) McLachlan, who said that the protein casein found in the milk is the culprit.

McLachlan had spent five years researching A1 beta-casein protein to theorize that it is linked not only to heart disease, but also to Type 1 diabetes, autism, and schizophrenia. According to McLachlan, “There are three types of casein in cow’s milk, called alpha, beta, and kappa. Each type comes in certain variants, depending on the genetics of the cow that produced it. For example, more than 70% of Guernsey cows produce the A2 variety of beta casein in their milk, where 70% of Red Danish Dairy cattle produce the A1 variety of beta casein.” The researcher also pointed out that one cow could produce both A1 and A2 because it could receive different genes from the mother and father. Black and white Friesian cows, very common in dairy herds in many countries, have this combination of the two genes.

If you are interested more in this science, there’s a great book called “The Devil in the Milk” by Dr. Thomas Cowan.



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